Screen orientation problem

I was done all possible thing

Try this one:

Screenorentation_2.apk (5.0 MB)

… or this using virtual screens: ScreenOrientation_3.apk (5.0 MB)

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Ok, let me check

This problem mostly occurs when user had disabled the auto-rotate of his/her device

To what extent, explain …

Really , so how we can force the user to enable the auto rotate

This is not a solution

Yes, this may be solution for this. If we took the layout as a screen.

You can use notifiers at the start to alert to alert users that enable auto-rotate and using the clock component, you can check for every second whether the screen is portrait or landscape if it is portrait then again call notifier

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Please .aia format send

Help rotate off. Lanspace screen2.screen2 . Installing screen landspace problem. Screenrecorder-2020-09-07-23-58-21-240|video

How did you get rid of this problem?

Still this is not solved

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how did she do that?

How did you do that. Help me please.
Screenorientation_3 .aia format send me,please.thank you

I’m not sure if I still have this aia. It’s been a long time since I created this app.

Try something like this:

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Thank you.Frend :+1:t2:

Is it works

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