Screen Recorder in Android 10

Hi, to record the screen of an animation software, I use a Sunny Gupta extension that allows me to have this possibility within the App.

It works fine up to Android Pie, but crashes the program in Android 10. I contacted Sunny Gupta and, by collaborating on AppInventor, she made it possible to use the extension in Android 10. If compiled with AppInventor, it works, if compiled with Kodular it doesn’t. The extension doesn’t use AndroidX, it only uses the Android Services that AppInventor loads and runs, while Kodular doesn’t. Is it possible to find a solution to this problem? If anyone can solve it, can they contact me? I am available to finance the resolution of the problem.

Kodular doesn’t support the service annotation presently. However I’m sure it will come in the near future, just be patient, or you can modify the manifest yourself and change it to include the service tag from the App Inventor manifest. It’s up to you.

ok, I’ll follow your suggestion, modified file Manifest

When there is an opportunity to invite a beer. I followed your advice, editing the manifest.xml file and it worked. Thanks