Screens changed the order when after saving and closing the app

Good night, everyone! I have a problem. I was creating a project with some screens. When I finished it, I saved and then I closed the project. The next day, I opened it and the screens were in a different order. Someone can help me fix this issue?

Screens are sorted in alphabetical order after reloading. But it shouldn’t affect your App in anyway.


Yes, but in default whenever you open the app screen1 only will be visible unless you use any procedure in screen1 initialise block

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Yes, you are right. It shouldn’t affect my app. However, every time I create a new screen, I have to pay attention about labelling this screen. For example, I have screen 1, 2, 3 ,4… up to 9. If I create page number 10 it will replace the screen 2, right?

Yes, you’re right

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Follow tip 1


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