Scroll Scrolling Arrangement with code

I am using an horizontal scrolling arrangement in my app.

Is there any way I can scroll to its end using code without the user doing so?

Use Colin Tree’s scroll handler extension or Sunny Gupta’s ScrollHandler extension. But let me warn ya, you may find a lot of bugs in both of them

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Bugs like?

In colin tree’s extension you cannot use two fingers to scroll, in sunny gupta’s extension there are bugs with max scroll position and also theres no listener for when the scroll reaches bottom.

In your case if the user is not going to scroll and everything will be done automatically then use colin tree as you can disable user control that will eliminate the bug


If I have registered to arrangements so if I disable user control, it will be disabled for both?

i guess you can only register one arrangement per handler. I’m not sure though i never tried using two arrangements with one handler

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hmm…I tried it and found that everything is working fine.
Sounds weird. :thinking:

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you might want to report these bugs to the authors of the extensions

I think they probably know cause many have reported the issue, also i do not know where to contact them, colin tree isnt on the community and sunny gupta is banned

you can find Colin tree here: Open Source App Inventor eXtensions · GitHub
and Sunny here


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