Scroll two VA as once?

Hi, I´m using an extension called GlossyCard that creates card views by asigning a layout.


So I created 2 columns with cards inside an HA. The question is how I can made to scroll two layouts as one?

See the video below…

I know the extension called ScrollHandler, but I don´t know how to apply here, someone can help? Thanks!

try to create the images in grid view… You have used multiple arrangement, instead use one may be this will will help you Simple Dynamic Grid View Using Dynamic Extension

Don’t use VA scroll in horizontal use VA

I´m using normal VA, but the extension makes it scrolleable by itself. So I need both scrolling at same time

And don’t use space in VA Scroll

Don’t use space in VA Scroll

I tried that but don´t work, here is the aia if you can check

GlossyExtensions.aia (50.7 KB)

I think this extension are bug, you use Dynamic extension

Try this

It´s the same, they scroll separated

You use dynamic extension

I have to modify a lot of things to change that

you cannot scroll in grid view using Glossy card

I think I will leave it as it is now. It was only for a aesthetic reason I wanted to make scroll both at same time

I thought it was possible using the Scroll handler extension because this comment

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