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Hello all,

I got view of app like this, how can i active that at blocks in kodular.

Thanks a lot.

Your question is unclear. Please try to elaborate more. Also read this:

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I have been working for a while. Examples show searching from “google” but i want to search inside from my app not google. I have been developing a radio music player. Actually i want to create a search button showing radio station as i wrote in search bar.

Sorry but … do you want a text box and a button with a search icon to search? 1 - text box 2 - button 3 - image inside the button 4 - upload image or do you want the blocks to do a search?

yes like this @Rogerio_Rios

Getting the block ready is not a good way of learning.

I have experienced since last week but im not succesfull, i need some help…

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Show us what you have already done and what you want for sure that several users of the forum will help you. :+1:

if u want to help me you can check the image. i make this one and i only want to block side how to make.

I mean what?? Evenyone would want to help but no one knows what you want. Please search in the community first btw.

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He want a search bar in his app which search from the values he have stored in app.
This is what I understand.
This is asked before

Yes I know it is a search bar
however i just don’t know what he actually wants

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@themaayur you right I want a search bar in his app which search from the values he have stored in app. I tried all of them i found but it isn’t succesfull if u sure that could u send me the link

@WatermelonIce i only want to blocks for search bar…

im agree with u, your comment (He want a search bar in his app which search from the values he have stored in app.) is i want to get blocks. @themaayur

@themaayur only This he wants. The blocks to search.

Yes , but the interesting thing is he to say: “want only the blocks…”.
P.S. I go to the court to play beach tennis…relax

u can give me from zero doesn’t matter. @Rogerio_Rios

:slight_smile: im waiting for help

Woohh this word can’t be found in my dictionary.:grin:

So jokes apart

Here global view is a list of items from which you want to search.

This is from my old project.

To reduce some blocks remove the first if else condition and don’t create the global textbox variable.
I literally don’t know why I used it. :sweat_smile:

I think this the perfect solution for your question/requirement, so you can mark it as solution.