Search for listview with image

hello can u add searchbox function for listview image

I just designed this function in order to search on that listview:

And it’s working properly without any lag
The else statement is executed if the Textbox is empty, so the relevant blocks are inside that else


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hi guys, i create a view list with images and text.
Now i would like to implement a text box that search the elementi in the list view.
I find this, Search for listview with image but i don’ t understand how it work also because there a procedure that i don’t know.
is there any other solution or someone can explein how do the blocks work?


A little search will give you this:

Hi Diego do you still have a copy for this? I can’t barely understand the structure of the hidden blocks :sweat_smile: thank you in advance.

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where is the procedure replace acents, i cant clarifiy this method to insert in my project

UPDATE, following the logic i made this blocks and work like a charm

I do not understand how they are done?

My design interface with visual artifact listview, but I can’t filter and search

can you understand hindi?

So you can watch this video-YouTube

I do not want to use the extension

I want to use the listview image and text available in kodular