Secure rule in firebase

I use the firebase rule Read true and save true in my app. how to create a secure rule in firebase? note that my app is a delivery and so sometimes the client-side app needs to save data in firebase.
But it looks like I keep getting email notifications from firebase alerting me that my rules are unprotected.

We detected the following problems with your security rules:

any user can read your entire database

any user can write to your entire database

Firebase | Basic Security Rules

Firebase | Avoid insecure rules


It can’t be read and write without you account i try this a couple of months back, It is rules to Read and Write, Firebase just reminding you that anyone in you firebase database can read and write it. Don’t take any worry.

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does this mean that if the person has my app installed they will have access to my entire database or just read and write that exclusive item? can she for example delete my entire database or change and read data from other users?

Something yes if he get your tag and have knowledge to delete tag.
Mainly done by hackers