Firebase insecure rule problems

I prepared sayari application.
How can I solve this issue.
I need access read & write both true.
But this message coming again & again.
Insecure rules issue.

Plz guide me

If this message is coming from firebase database then this is because you allowed every one to read and write your database.So the rules is defined to public which is insecure.If you want to secure your database then follow this:

I need read & write true.
Because I prepared sayari application

How can I solve this issue

So your rules are public now.So it’s acceptable to get this message from firebase.If you don’t set your rules to private.Simply ignore this message

I’m ignoring this messages but it’s coming again & again

Because firebase doesn’t want your rules to be public. But if you want dismiss this message.BTW, that happens on your firebase console and not in app.Right?

Can we trust firebase ?
That it will be secure our data .

Not if your rules are read: true / write:true. Anyone who knows what they are doing can copy/delete all your data.

What is solution of this condition ?

I have a poetry application & every one can read and write self poetry.

Therefore I must need rules are read: true / write:true.

How can secure my data ?

I’m waiting of solution .

This guide must help you,

That’s mean no right solution of this problem.

That guide is the solution, it shows you how to secure your firebase database.

I’m very confused.

I’m not understanding this solution.