Firebase rules error

hey i am creating a application using firebase authentication and firebase database
but when i try to get user information through the app my firebase database doesnt show me the information there
my firebase authentication is working good
but firebase database is not showing any info
is something wrong with firebase rules i have attached all files below please help me out
thank you

I think the problem is not in the firebase rules, you would have the message permission denied (maybe I’m wrong)
Picture 3 firebase database, data looks empty ??

i denied message permission because it gave me error

Trie change rules only null to true
“.read”: “auth.uid != true”, and
“uids” : {
“.read”: “auth.uid != true”,
and test again. But if firebase database if empty you can’t get any tag to show values

i tried still same error

no data comes out in firebase database it is still empy

After looks your block, you don’t save anything in the firebase database.

i am using phone number otp as a firebase authentication
i am saving the users entry like name , phone number, etc
when i change my all rules to true i mean read and write to true my app works well but as u know i can take that risk of leaving it like this’
hope u will help me out
i will send anything u need like screeshots of apps or anything
thank u

i am following this article which is official by kodular
still not working -(

If you don’t chage the rules read and write to true your app don’t work.
You can use obfuscated text to hidden firebase access. But expert (not anyone) can get your access to firebase

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thank you for your time and the solution
have a great day ahead

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It is a pleasure to have been able to help you !!!

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