Rules firebase - "auth !== null"

I can’t make the rules work with firebase authentication at all. Everything works perfect with google login and authentication, but it doesn’t. Are there any details I may have forgotten?

What Have you done There is no need to edit rules for firebase authentication !

No ! Authentication I mean in the app, everything is correct. These rules would be for the RealTime database

Can you try this

  "rules": {
    ".read" : "auth.uid != null",
    ".write" : "auth.uid != null",

And visit here firebase rules guide by Vishwas sur.


Yea ! I’ve tried in every way possible. Even in the rules testing lab within Firebase, rules work, but by application they don’t. Do I need to send the UID along with the URL maybe?

Don’t forget about that.


The rules syntax you wrote is ok. But you have to show us your whole rules json because firebase rules are hard to understand for begginers as it works in an atomic manner and parent node rule overwrite its children rules.


Great !!! solved

Great !!! Friend you are wonderful. I just needed to read the token and change it inside the APP. Nowhere have I seen this detail. God bless you.