Selling a 7000+ downloads app Foodsearch

The playstore link is here
It is a very useful app that compares the prices of food on biggest online companies like swiggy Zomato and ubereats
Only 7mb app with 7000+ one time downloads
If anyone interested then tell your price


Why are you selling it?

How many daily users?

How much does it earn?


I am selling it cause I don’t have time to update it regularly update it
Previously it was having around 50 -70 installs per day but now I am not maintaining it from a long time that’s why it is now having 10-20 per day
Though I haven’t put any add on that recently I was sponsoring a website spacemess but website was closed they had paid me 4000rs per month for that

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How many daily users are there?

Every day around 15-20 downloads

I’m talking about users, not downloads.

tell your time i will show u the playstore console on teamviewer or anydesk
u can totally analize it yourself

Hey, I was looking at your app and its good and useful also but i found one thing, the name is compare prize not price. Why? Is it a mistake or any marketing tactics or :shushing_face: . But anyways nice app.

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Thank you, well you just like the app or you want to buy it ??

No i dont have to buy app. I was just looking to it.

Kk np thanks u

Hi is that app still available