Selling My project :- GroupTime - Group joining app

Do you mean complete? Looking at your price i wonder if anyone will be interested in buying.

So it is about joining an whatsapp group or telegram group? Is that the only thing the app does?

It looks a bit like this

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Is it a joke?:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: price is too high (I think)

Sorry I thought no one has made this type of app and I was improving it even more.

And my app allow you to use both social media platforms but if anyone wants I can add ( discord , Facebook ) and other social media as well.

I’m using airtable for this project and if you are interested then massage me in private so we can talk about what is inside this app.

You should edit the post :rofl:.


However, this does not mean that this app is worth 75 dollars. It just allows you to join groups, nothing more.

Actually you can add groups as well