Send an automated email like an otp

I’m trying to create an app where users can reset their password so they’ll get an otp from me… Iftt isn’t working with Gmail again
So what can I use and how do I se it

Are you using FIREBASE ?
If yes, then this video is good for you.

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Trying to reset Password? Use firebase authentication there was an block

i’m not using firebase
i’m using spreadsheet

If you like to use IFTT, try out Integromat. That’s what I’m using for my app with webhooks.

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This is what i’m looking for

Glad to hear it. Gmail works with it. I use Integromat to pass data to Google sheets and send emails for the app I have developed for my job.

Thanks but I’m not using firebase

but that verification system works with firebase authentication. its not compulsory to store data in firebase to use authentication feature. just use authentication feature. it Will store gmail & password. And when someone want to reset he or she can easily reset…


Use zapier use spreadsheet and link to firebase to send OTP, explore it and you will get what i mean

Thanks Y’all i’m using zapier

I have got this working without firebase.

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You can use google script.