Send massage whatsapps help

can send whatsapps messages without needing to open whatsapps app

impossible the user has to click on the send button to send a whatsapp message

you can use the api to write the message for them and open the chat but they need to send it at the end.

i want every user who press their button will send notification to me, is it possible?

you can do it using OneSignal use OneSignal send extension and send the notification to your device

I’m not happy with Onesignal, the incoming notification is very long, waiting about 1-2 hours for the notification to appear in the app

then you can use a realtime database to monitor the button click
but you have to run a background service to get a notification

do you have extension or block?

not really try using firebase as it is very simple to use and it’ll be free if the use is what you described you can find may tutorials on how to set it up in the community

and you can just use the data changed block to catch the button click

not possible