Send non ascii code using File

Hi , i have to transfer my file via Bluetooth using “File” successfully.

my file data looks like “Untitled.jpg” (attached with this post)

but i cannot get proper data at receiver side as shown in “debug data in file.jpg” file (attached with this post)


my exact problem is ,

  • As my debug file data image , i want to send whole file byte by byte as it is (contains any from 00H - FFH) ,

*kodular Untitled sends 00H to 7fH byte as it is, but above 7FH, it sends fix 3 bytes (like 4th byte of debug file image A1H = EFH BFH BDH- suppose, it doesn’t consider it as text)

  • How can i send whole file bytes by byte as it is which contains any byte from 00H to FFH ??

Only ask in the forum if the builder you are using. You also asked in appybuilder.

yeah because i have did same in both kodular and appybuilder