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Hello everyone :
I’m making a project about Corona virus and I want to send notification to the user to wash his hands…etc .
But the problem when the user close the app the app dosent send any notification
I don’t use the (Push notification) component because you need to make a firebase and one signal account.
Can I use Tiny DB component with the app OR can you give me the solution
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And to your question, TinyDB will not work for your app. That’s clear. But idk if somehting else works. Just wait…


I don’t make the project to share it on google play just to join the programming in the life
Thanks for your comment
Best regards

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Ah, then it’s ok. Just wanted to tell it to you for the possibility that you didn’t know this issue :grinning:

Hello everyone:
How can I download this extension to kodular ?

That is just a component that is available in the experimental category.


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I merged your topic since they are related. Don’t double post especially with topics with the same title.

Can I work on it in kodular ?

It will do not work in background