Send text and image from kodular to Google spreedsheat

Hello Koders!!!

So i need some help i am doing an app that send 5 informacion (time; date; spot;
spot number and an image of that place that will serve as proof that someone is in that place or not) to do that i mix 2 scripts that i saw in other posts.
But when i go trie the image part doesn´t work and apear´s an error…
Idk maybe it´s the script or maybe it´s from my blocks but i don´t think it is from blocks because i just copy the block people´s that sayin its right ://

bellow i go share my blocks and my script and the post´s that i take information…
Thank you very much undersigned: Gonçalo Tomás

Block images:

Script image:

Other posts that I guided myself:

if somehow some of you have another idea i’m listen :)))

You may want to see this example:

Also, when publishing your web app, ensure that the script url matches the one in your blocks, especially if using the new script editor.

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Use Google Spreadsheet extension here download from here

I made my changes according to this example but it still doesn’t work, my image2 object doesn’t take the photo I took with the camera.
I press the button that calls the camera, take the picture, press ok, but then the “Runtime error” I sent above appears and the label that tells me if it was done successfully or if there was an error indicates error…
When i check my spreadsheet non of my 5 information appear

My block alteration:

My script alteration

Hello thank you very much i´ll go check but can you tell me if it is payed?

Script alteration image

Problem appears to be in your blocks (AfterPicture)

Check the content of global vImageAsBase64

It’s free you need to download app to download this extension as this is not made by me so I can’t send you directly ok else if you want that extension just message me personally

i don´t understand what do you mean “Check the content of global vImageAsBase64” it is to do the function “Do It”??
when i made “do it” the global vImageAsBase64 get error warning, about blocks are the same of the others examples

Oook seems nice to me, i’ll test it now!!

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I hope you can use your own scripts to send image and text to gsheet rather than using an extension. Have a look at it HERE

Here you can use the script code and can continue with your app

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