Send text to Whatsapp Group

Hai, im newbie and have question.

How do I set a block code so that I can send messages to the WhatsApp group directly?

Thank you for your ans

you cant send directly its against whatsapp tos


No way. Impossible

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for now it’s still impossible and I’ve thought about it for a long time so if the code for it has been found I will add it in my WhatsAppTools extension. :wink:

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oke thank you

Maybe try this ?

or this

Hope it helped

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altho it will not send directly you need to have user permission

@auranet did you find any documentation about that somwhere?
do you have any link?
thank you

What are you asking me about, I don’t understand. If it was about the example of the image posted, I don’t know where I found it.

Your example blocks use an url like
I did not know, that WhatsApp offers an API and up to now I did not find any documentation about a WhatsApp API
Therefore it would be interesting for everyone to know more about that API. .

That’s a pity then