Sending notification via one signal but no sound

hello i try to send notification on my app via one signal but when i received notification then i not hear any sound not vibration also even in locked phone and unlock phone in both situation i not hear sound i add blocks also but still problem show anyone know how to solve it thanks
here my blocks And my phone not in silent mode.


i try both methods


Did you tried on another phone?

Yes tried in another phone many times onesignal not working in the phones

It’s working for me :confused:
What happened to your apps? :thinking:

What android OS version do you have on your device(s)?

7.0 its woking good

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Which versions aren’t? 8.0+?

Android 7.0
Working properly

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i have 8.1.0 android version and still i not hear any sounds

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same problem with me. sound not working

this is a bug or something problem in my app anyone know about this ?

hello what happen

can i create new topic

What about using when notification received block to play sound?