Serious error when select color for text label

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Ok I understand , I guess today I can’t work on kodular :pensive:

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sorry,not working i make sdk minimum to 5

Have you read post ? You have to download aia, open archive, edit project setting with a text editor and delete projectColors settings. After that re upload aia and it will work

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Yes, i deleted project colors from properties and replace sdk 19 with sdk minimum 21then upload aia to kodular again… Same problem​:slightly_smiling_face::broken_heart:

Post your aia here or pm me your aia

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From your aia that you send me…projectColors weren’t removed. Once deleted, saved aia and re uploaded to creator works fine

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Maybe Because i edited it with vscode

Thank YOU :heart:

Maybe because you didn’t update archive in order changes saved in aia

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Ok i send a message about update archeive

Once changed made in project settings and file is saved, 7zip asks you to save latest changes


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