Error changing background color of component after updating to Fenix 1.5.4

I cannot change the component background color of any imported AIA after Fenix 1.5.4 update. Existing projects before the update I can change the color normally.

Make sure that minimum SDK is set in project settings

Yes, I did that but it didn’t work. I changed the minimum SDK and the error happens even if Companion is not being used.

Did you use example aia from [FREE] 💌 Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. 💌 ?

Yes, I used it but it happens with any aia project I import after the 1.5.4 update. Even with my own imported projects.

Try this one

NotificatioStyle_KODULAR_1.aia (57.0 KB)

Yes, this one works fine. What should I do with the other AIA that don’t work, could you help me?

Do you wish to post here or pm me your aia ?

I have many projects that need to be replicated. For this reason I export and import frequently. I believe you could not help me with all of them. If there was any method in which I could work it out myself until the bug is fixed by the team I would.

What I did was to open archive / aia with 7zip and changed SDK from 19 to 21 and deleted projectColors. Saved projects settings, updated archive and uploaded to creator

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In my case, I deleted the projectColors only. Because SDK 21 was already configured in the project. It works flawlessly now with new imported aia. Thank you very much!

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the same case can you help me?

Post here or pm me your aia

Thanks a ton ! :innocent:

Hello koders all my aia are not working when I try to change colors after importing the AIA

is there something wrong with my account? I have followed all this but nothing solved

I think I have tried this method but yet not working for me

Pm me an aia if you wish

ok, just now

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please how did you create the file back as aia after correcting it. please specify

Open the AIA with 7zip (do not extract) , you will see all the folders , click on the file and choose edit, it will open in notepad, just delete the line from project colours but do not del name and use ctrl+s , that’s all. Now upload the same AIA into creator

I’m very much obliged to you. How long will this color issue last?