Serve ADS Problem.

hello again for 4th time ,
i been waiting for almost 5months ?? i lost track of time since it told me wait 1 month and 4 weeks , it is still like that since beginning , me and my partners are done forreal , we were looking for making a gaining community but how we gonna do that if we didnt calculate the revenues from serving ads , how we gonna pay our employees how and how , we didnt complete the project 100% , there’s still few minor things to do on photo shop , but we need first to calculate the revenues that we will set prices for and we cant do that if you didnt help us , please if there is no answers tell me how to move my project to android studio please because i have already waisted alot of times on youtube watching many tutorials on how to create on kodular really enjoyed it but i think it’s right time to give me an answer ,

regardless , noctis

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