Serve AD's Approval pending since October 2020

Hello again :slight_smile:

it’s been over 1 week , 6 day’s as Monetization says


Submitted for review 1 week, 6 days ago

i have submitted a topic last week , and i really appreciate the community work, + it’s been an honor to create something we like here ,

i would like to know when it will get accepted , since me and my partners wants to finish the program , and calculate the revenue , we can’t do that if we didn’t get accepted to serve Ad’s , i know and i read forums alot of times and i really appreciate your effort ,

thanks everyone here , Good evening <3

Approval takes more than two weeks, please be pacient.

we need to start our project we are so excited … please if there a current or deadline please let us know

Unfortunately I don’t have that information depends on Kodular Staf.
I understand your impatience (because the same thing would happen to me) but your app is not the only one that needs to be reviewed and approved. Analyzing each app takes time. Check into your you will be notified of the approval.

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hello community ,

i been wondering when my application will be able to serve AD’s because i been waiting so much around 50 days it tells me to wait"
Wait 1 week, 4 days ago"
it’s the third time or fourth time it say that when duration pass , it’s back on same thing 1 week or 4 days , i don’t know what to do , i really enjoyed working on my project here , but
i don’t know what to do? or at least give me a specific time i been waiting for too long ,i just i need a clear answer to my question ,

and thanks all for reading , have a nice day :slight_smile:

In my second account it’s 3-4 months still in approval
Now think about your app :smiley:

this sometimes is because your app isn’t good enough

No now I am facing some issues with kodular ads approvals. My reject for no reason

My app is in English language

Tool for Android optimize juke,cache , battery , installed app etc like all in one tools app

And very beautiful UI

My app got reject their don’t know how to check the app and their don’t know to read description

ok try to copy and paste this text when doing approval:

Please Kodular Team

Please Accept This Request My App Has Beautiful UI And Optimizes Android Phones Please The Kodular Team Your Great For Creating Apps!

No, don’t do that, that is against the guidelines:
Descriptions that have been copied from other users or sites will not be approved


oh sorry i forgot about that rule in the Guidelines

But I Never Did That I Always Explain Everything In My App In My Own Sentence

hello again for 4th time ,
i been waiting for almost 5months ?? i lost track of time since it told me wait 1 month and 4 weeks , it is still like that since beginning , me and my partners are done forreal , we were looking for making a gaining community but how we gonna do that if we didnt calculate the revenues from serving ads , how we gonna pay our employees how and how , we didnt complete the project 100% , there’s still few minor things to do on photo shop , but we need first to calculate the revenues that we will set prices for and we cant do that if you didnt help us , please if there is no answers tell me how to move my project to android studio please because i have already waisted alot of times on youtube watching many tutorials on how to create on kodular really enjoyed it but i think it’s right time to give me an answer ,

regardless , noctis

Sorry to say but I didn’t even understand what you are saying? Can you please summarize your problem??
By the way, the revenue of the app from ads depends upon many factors.
For example; Ad Network You Are Using as well as Country Your Ads Are Clicked From And Many More. It cant be calculated whether you are using Kodular or Android Studio

I now merged your posts…
is your issue concerning Koduar approving your app or something else?


that’s why we will “try out our project before release to see how much we will gain per user” to see how much we will gain in future

yes it’s all about approval …