I can't get ad revenue

application I can’t get ad revenue to me Your application fully fits our policies. Please change and resubmit.This article is coming, does anyone have any information on what to do?

Summarize your problem please.

Which ads you used and what’s your problem describe here

Hi, @AYI_TV , welcome to community. You have to comply Kodular’s policies in order to get ad approval for your app. May I know what kind of app you have that you’re trying to get ad approval to?

I have a game application I have my own website, I made the program I added banner ads in them Your app does not fully comply with our policies. Please, modify it and re-submit it. kodular He is writing

I need to improve my program or what should I do

I have to open advertising revenue, I want help for this

Is your app a web view of your website which has the game on it?

I did it myselfmy own game

Sorry for inconvenience, but it’s not clear what you’re trying to say. May be your app is a basic web viewer app and/or it contains copyrighted content.

What ad provider are you using? If it’s AdMob, you have to reach $100 b4 claiming the money.


I’m using the translate soryy

My Admob ads are on but not appearing in my apps

U need approval

How should we do to have an approval for ads?

If your question is about how you can get ad approval for your app, please go to my.kodular.io and submit your app for approval. Please note that, if you’re planning to publish app on Google Play, you don’t need approval.

I have 3 months waiting for approval :roll_eyes: