Setting image viewer image from image picker selection

I have a small query. I want to set the image of Image Viewer component from Image Picker Selection. But I am unable to do that.
After selection the result is given in this format:-

I know I have to add some suffix to the result but I don’t know that.
Anyone please help

Why dont you set the picture path from image to the path from the selection?


Thank you
I was selecting image stored in SD card. It is not working still. Can you help

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Showing us what is not working will help you get answer quickly.
Are you doing like this?
Set image path to image picker selection
Also some blocks will be helpful.

This is the block after picking image. The problem now is that if I select an image from internal storage then it is shown on the image but when I select the image from External SD Card then it is not working. However I can still Upload the image to Cloudinary ( which is the main work of the app) selected from SD Card

Set path to image picker selection.
Maybe this can work.

Bro I already did that. I think you have not read properly.

Help me in seeing image from SD Card

Is there any problem in doing something in various methods?

Which methods?

You have two methods to set image.
1.Directly by selection
2.Using image path block

Can you locate that block

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Yes I can.

I don’t think it can set SD Card image

Did you tried?
I am unable to understand why you are such hopeless.

See the following test app.

I used two images. And also I am using both methods you told.
But the problem persists
The following is screenshot when I select image from Internal Storage. Both images are set this time.

The following is screenshot when I select image from SD Card. None of the image is set this time.

You can test the app yourself
Image_Picker_Test (1).apk (4.1 MB)

I am sorry.I can not test app now.
If it is not working then can you please try to do that with activity starter.
Action to android.intent.action.PICK
Data Type to image/*