Share audio file to Facebook Messenger from a kodular application

Any way to be able to pass an audio file to mesosenger facebook, from a kodular app?

That is to say having me open messenger, being able to send an audio file through a Kodular application?

that is to say, in my Kodular application I have 10 audios to select, when selecting one, I can send it to the messenger of the person I’m chatting.

I would appreciate some help with some extension or some method of passing the file.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Use the share component

You’ll have to use two components:

  1. Sharing (Social Category)
  2. Audio Picker (Media Category)

Here are the blocks:


After that select Messenger from the menu and you’re good to go.

Thank you for the help, unfortunately when using Sharing, share on other social networks, but do not open the Facebook Messenger application, just share text message, not an audio file.

I’ve personally checked on my phone before posting and it’s working fine.
This method will allow any compatible app which can share a file and FB Messenger will show also.
Please check this APK if this works for you or not:
SharingWithFileDemo.apk (4.8 MB)


Thank you very much for the help, yes, I really tried your file, I already discovered why I was not sending the file to Facebook Messenger, it is because of the file extension, my application has an .ogg extension in the audios and the Share component does not support sending that type of file, when I used the .mp3 format, I could share with Facebook Messenger in my original application, although I think the problem is not really in the Share add-in, because previously with the extension .ogg if I could send WhatsApp Messenger, so Facebook Messenger may not accept .ogg audio files.

When you tell me that if the Sharing plug-in worked, I started looking for the reason why I couldn’t send my files, thank you very much for sharing your information and your application

Greetings and thanks.

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