Show Options Menu properties block?

This property does not exist in blocks, only in Design mode.
I need to hide this button when I open the Side Menu.


How to make?

it gets hidden when u remove check box

what button are you talking about?

Instead toggle between title visible, true or false

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yea wat im saying can send some output screenshots

The Options Menu is only visible, if Title Visible is true. So, if you need to hide options menu for showing side menu, maybe it is ok to hide complete Title instead of the three dots only.


Another workaround,

Set the icon color to the same as that of the title bar.
Although it will be present and if clicked upon, will show options, the user will not be able to see it!


I am interested, what he exactly means with his words “hide”. Did he mean not showing or disabling?

I was just giving him a workaround :grin:

A very inventive workaround! I think this is the best option he has so far.

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Thanks for the creativity, guys.
I meant that this property only exists in Design mode.
It does not exist in the Screen blocks as a property that I can manipulate.

I keep the title of the screen because this is what tells the user the name of the “screen” according to the menu option he chose. I am following Material Design standards.

I don’t know if the lack of this property is intentional, or if it hasn’t been implemented yet.
I only noticed the lack of it in the blocks.

Cool, but I think that if I treat what this button does, it is fairer to the user and also to the security of my application.

You can create your custom title bar:

And then you can set the visibility of the menu button to false when needed :slightly_smiling_face:

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I want to do exactly what she does in Design mode.
Check = Enable
Uncheck = Disable

Yes. I will not be able to escape that in the near future.
I chose to go with the native components to save labor. It was a conscious choice.
I leave only my account of a property that is missing from the blocks.