Showing a White Blank Screen after double backpress on webview

In my webview app, if I double click the back button it’s showing me a blank white screen. How can I fix the issue ?

You can try like this to avoid the white page

i tried the solution but its isn’t working for me. because I’m using a custom exit popup.

In the suggestion page also we are using the custom exit only , when the page loaded matches with home url it will pop up

StudyQ.aia (115.0 KB)
This is my block and aia, please have a look at them if you can help

Working fine. No issue. If white screen appear immediately custom pop up will appear

if you make the pop up cancelable and click on the screen, then the white screen appers

understand wait…

try this…
StudyQ (2).aia (115.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot for your solution

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@Still-learning after building apk with your given aia, the popbox is automatically showing without back pressing

Any changes you made???

no nothing.

Pls make sure is it having like this,

I tested in apk, no issue

everything is done according to your blocks. but still the popbox is opening on the main screen wihout back pressing

Can you guys please also check the issue ?

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StudyQ.apk (5.4 MB)

I have no issue with this apk… Do you?

No buddy. No issue with this apk. But earlier you sent me the aia, I haven’t changed it but facing problem with that one. but this apk is working fine.

can you please again send me the aia? @Still-learning

StudyQ.aia (115.4 KB)

Me too don’t know the exact reason. May be the previous might have downloaded before saving the working block… pls check up this aia. And convert apk with this aia only. So I feel you won’t have more issue