Showing google sheet query after spinner selection matches

When the screen initialize it query’s (from a google sheet) all the input from today in a list. Then it grabs all the names out of the lists from today and places it in a spinner.

I want to select a name from the spinner and then it must show the lists that contains the name in a label.

This last thing I can’t get working, could someone help me with this please?

See top 4 blocks

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This might help you to query your spreadsheet according to spinner selection

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Thanks for reminding me! I learned how to use google sheets with this tutorial and Taifun’s tutorial.
Just had to get back to the basics.

I tried so many things that I couldn’t get the logic set up. I was thinking way to complicated for this simple solution lol. This is part of a dynamic card view I want to implent this in.

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