Shuffle question from list ! Help!

I am make an IELTS Application.

I have 100 question list.

What I want is that when student click on the button it will give a random question from my list.

Plz demonstrate me how to do this. It’s urgent .

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Welcome, you have no reading time on the community. What did you do yourself to make it work. What have you searched and tried?

Urgent ???
Does this mean that you want the blocks ready?
Did you search for random / shuffle in the community?
Did you look through the Kodular documentation?
Do you know programming logic to be able to apply it to your algorithm?

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Rest of my application is ready. I tried this but didn’t get any solution if you can help plz tell me. Or pin me a Post which can help me. I am not asking for spoon feeding. I want this to work as a am working for students preparing for IELTS examination. I am not adding any ads to it and not I am monitoring the app. It’s just for education purpose.