Sidemenu problem

this is my last AIA with the exact procedureSLIDEMENU.aia (3.0 KB)

My Screen1

My Screen2

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we are using this one

If this don’t work for you contact @Kodular staffs for further assistant

Ok thank you guys for your helps,

Hope they have solution for this problem, and I really hope they do.

And another information might be useful to debug.

the problem wont arise when I am not using the sidemenu

so When there is no side menu involve, then I can go back and forth without any problem.

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hope the problem is caused due to side menu

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I have testet current your aia.

  1. Open app
  2. Open menu click on button
  3. Now is screen 2 open.
  4. Now I click on Screen 2 on the button 2
  5. Now I’m back on screen 1

And I can do above in a loop without any crash on my phone.

Btw, have you tried it with companion or as real apk?

Can you try to press the button on screen 1
After point no 5?
On my companion the button won’t respond (doesn’t go to screen 2) after point no 5.

I’m using companion, haven’t tested with real apk

Try with an apk. Changing screens in a companion never works.

Try it as apk. In companion it will not work.
Just as notice:
I personal do never us the companion. I always export a project as apk and then I test it on my device.

I don’t think the problem with companion
The function work flawlessly without the side menu.
I can go back and forth between 2 screen without any glitch

But I will try later with the real apk later when I got my laptop


The problem is the companion because the side menu works only correct as apk
(And you can trust my I know that. :smiley: I’m the developer of the side menu).
As I said I have nothing changed on your aia and exportet it as apk.
Your logic works! The apk works.

I look current into a possiple solution that it works too on companion.
But I can’t say anything if it will work.


Good news I have found a work arround and had created a new block.
This will be available in next release.

If you do it like below then you can use the “Side Menu” in companion on “Screen Initialize” event and the companion will then not crash.

Above must only be done in companion. You dont need to add the “Remove Side Menu” for a apk above the “Side Menu” block.
This is just a workarround for the companion !!!

Too this block will be usefull if a user wants to remove a side menu at runtime.


Good news Mika

I know we can count on you guys…

Thanks alot

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Ah, someone like me.

@Mika I tried with apk and the problem is not occurred .

Just wondering, why I couldn’t find the block call Screen1.RemoveSideMenu on my block ?


As I said it will be added in the next release.

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Oh ok, I didn’t read the part will be available in next release…

thanks (y)


how do i change the Width of Menu if i want the width to be small ?

Hi Koders,
Is it possible to resize the width of Sidemenu?
As it was impossible to resize in SideMenu Components in Kodular I tried using Layout Sidemenu in Blocks.
I tried to change the width but it did not work.
I also saw this post but no one replied