SideMenuLayout header title font color?

Can I change the font color of the header title and header subtitle for the SideMenuLayout component?

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Yes, But it nearly tricky and easy too.

1.First of all take a vertical arrangement(let the name is “Sidevr1”)
2.Then take a vertical scroll arrangement inside Sidevr1.(Let the name of vertical scroll arrangement is “Sidevrs”)
3.Inside Sidevrs. Decorate it in a way you want your sidebar.
4.Then use the block shown in image.


5.In Block Side menu layout set Sidevr1 arrangement.
6.Now your side bar is ready.
7.If you want to open sidebar to be opern from button then Use other two block when button click.

Thats it…


Huh? I don’t see anything in your reply about font colors?

The built in sidebar component doesn’t support changing header font colour…
So you have to make a custom sidebar in order to customize everything.
The solution provided by @nikzdevz is a guide to make custom sidebar…
Follow his steps and you can make awesome sidebar

@OfficialDjJohn Thanks to support my guide.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

And @ralphfreshour
understand the below image

And see Its Preview:-

Thank you…