Sign in with firebase authentication and save data to mysql data

I am trying to develop my app
I want to sign in user using firebase authentication and want to save that gmail to mysql data base.
If user reinstall app he can get his all data like name and phone number at profile section automatically…tell me what to do?
Can any one share his project please for reference

And what have you tried?
P.S: just search the community and google as will find many useful information and tutorials

I could not find any ans.
If you know how to do it you can share with me…
I have no idea how to do it. But i have to do it

You can see this two guide:


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I know how to use firebase authentication but how i save firebase authentication login info to mysql database

Just run an Insert query to add in your table the data you got from sign in success event like the email,profile image,etc…

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Can you show me how?

You just need to use sign in success event to detect that the user has signed in successfully.In this event there will be multiple parameters like the email, profile image,etc…
Now you will run my SQL insert query.You can use this tutorial to know how to make it with the web component and you PHP script:
In you insert query those parameters , email,etc…will be your data you will insert.
Hope you understand me :slightly_smiling_face:

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