Sign up for users but login only after admin approval

I want to create app where users sign up and submit there details and wait for admin approval .Admin then provides Username and Password for login.

I have used firebase for sign up and login but can’t understand how to set admin approval in between.

You can use firebase to do it.

Please don’t use capital letters, it looks like you are shouting.

Please help

I need to know:

  1. How do you let users know the username and password?
  2. Username and Password are random or set by the admin?
  1. Users will get username and password by email. will be set by admin

Have you try firebase before?

No. Check my sign up and login Blocks. Need admin control in between

You can set a variable to check whether to get the admin’s approval to log in.

You could simply send an OTP to the user by mail if OTP is correct then verify him/her.

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You can store his details on firebase database, and then create another app for the admin to manually approve the accounts where in he will be able to see the details of the people and then approve that particular person or disapprove.

Try and create two project buckets with one containing all the unapproved users and the other approved. So the admin can see which users are unapproved and then after approval delete them from the unapproved bucket and add them to the approved bucket.

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If you find it difficult then see the below tutorial by @pixiibomb

Hope it helps you. Mark solution if your problem was solved.

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He doesnt wanna verify users but approve i believe.

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Instead of manually approving he can do this.
Wait for @a.k.a_aj to reply

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You got it right!

Two apps? with one database?

There’s a difference,
You see when you have apps for like a company you would only want the employees to use the app and therefore approving is must as any other person can use the app.
Also another example, I believe you must be familiar with Allen Career Institute. They give you the username and password for their online course after being approved so they can keep freebies away.

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Fill in the same URL and Token in both the apps for the database

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