Simple call to find any words listed, from the string

Does anyone know an extension to have a simple call to return (true/false or count numbers) for the string search like in the picture. I need to find a word or letters in a string and there are several strings in a list. So I need to find if anyone of these words are existing in an other string.
I need to use a Call, because I will use it in a background and I can’t use too complicated If-sentences or each-item-on a list options.
Thanks in advance.

use the contains any block from the text drawer together with your list, which has been converted into a csv row using the list to csv row block from the list drawer

PS: that block probably still is not available in Kodular? at least I could not find it in the Kodular docs…



I am not sure exactly what you want but here is a simple logic
blocks (4)


Yes, unfortunately contains any is not available in Kodular. I though there was this kind of string tool extension before, but haven’t find it anymore.
I can’t use procedures either on background, or for each item loop.

EDIT: Perhaps Kevinkun RegEx call could be a solution to find any strings matching to the other string, however I just can’t figure out yet how get it working. Here is the idea in the picture: