Skype app is not targeting the skype mobile app, unknown url scheme

i have made a app of from kodular still it is in development phase , but i am facing a problem that skype app is not targeting the skype mobile app as whatsapp in user list, it is opening in app while i have chosen showing a link in external browser .


when i am clicking on the skype icon as highlighted by orange circle it is not targeted to skype app. but it is working fine in the browser.

I am showing errors as shown below.

Please help me out.

Use activity starter
Learn more about this in documentation.

see these threads Search results for 'unknown url scheme' - Kodular Community

Because only few deep links have been added in web viewer.It works fine for mailto: and sms: URIs.

how can that be possible? my own issue is that the whatsapp share button on my webviewer does that and I have tried many things and still stuck. How can I use activity starter to solve the issue?

If that whatsapp button gets clicked, the next page shows

Check this, might help you


Thank you so much. I appreciate

Please don’t duplicate your question/post or your account can be suspended !!!

I know and I won’t

I get this error while trying to download

This is not the same question ???

I have made more research after this question. If you check my 2nd question I was more precise on what I need. I keep studying in order not to disturb the forum users. Now that I got a solution with the 2nd question are you not happy for me?

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Anyone who has this same issue should refer to this post and get the solution ASAP. It worked for me. Deep Links in a WebViewer - Extensions - AppyBuilder

Happy Coding. I love Kodular so much and the community members are so helpful