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Hey guys, sorry for disturbing. I experienced this issue before but didn’t want to bother you guys, so I kept researching, but I think I’m stuck now. I have a webview that cannot load some pages in a url. What might be the issue?

The first picture is the home URL and when that whatsapp Icon is clicked, the 2nd picture is what loads. Please any solution?

I think that the WhatsApp link doesn’t work because it’s in a WebView. This issue comes up in other apps with a WebView as well.

You might refer this :

sorry for the delay to reply, but if the problem still, heres the solution…

in the URl open by whatsapp you need only a piece, it is


then you use web decode to get this = https://9jabooks.com/book-10121

this final url open that book in webview…

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Thanks for your reply. I have gotten a solution I used Deeplink from Deep Host. It solves the issue

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Why you are used a extension created by a developer who does not support their extensions.
You can use:


@vknow360 has requested to be suspended in this community but many here can help you if you have any problem with the blocks. Or you can find him in AI2 community.

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