Slider creation with canvas and ball

Hello everyone,
My project needed a slider to switch the values, but the native slider is very thin.
Ok, now I’m going to try to create my own slider with screen and ball component, but I can’t align and set values, the ball doesn’t work well when dragging (it seems slow or delayed when moved), I need to change the value when I move the ball also (variable).

My design and blocks.



This may help :slightly_smiling_face:

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The initial delay while dragging in a canvas is something I’ve been telling the developers of App Inventor for years. It seems there’s no easy fix to it. They improved it a little bit, it was more noticeable some years ago, but it’s still there. So, there’s no fix for that yet.

If you need the line to be thicker and you don’t like the initial delay while dragging a ball, then may be you can contact @Ken who made this extension SliderTools Extension v2 - Extensions - AppyBuilder to see if he can help with that, or another extension developer.

If that initial delay is not an issue for you, I can make the slider for you with a canvas and a ball, and you can give it any thickness you want.

Hello Italo,

Ok i will accept your help, i belive the initial delay to now will not a problem, i need just a slider to change value, users can choose any values just moving ball.
I will greatly appreciate your help.