Small letter or capital letter

I need to compare two text
in condition( small letter or capital letter)
for Exp:
dog = dog (correct answer )
Dog = dog (correct answer )

please I need urgent advice

You have to know: search and wait. there are topics on this topic here in the forum

What do you think about neutralizing both words?

I have more than 1000 words
I can’t do one by one

I guess you are using for each loop
So when you can each item also call this block in both sides of compare

Simple and very useful block when building
searching form :heart:


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Or compare the two by making them uppercase, or compare the two in lowercase.
If uppercase(answer) = uppercase(word)
If downcase(answer) = downcase(word)


I don’t think you read:

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You Can use the upcase or downcase(present in text section) component to either convert all string to upcase or downcase and compare them all easily…
Hope You Find It Helpful if any other question please reply…

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