So files not packaged in apk

I have uploaded one so file (native lib) in assets, but after compile, the so file is not in the assets folder in apk.
Is there any limitations on server side for so file?
And I have uploaded one png file, no problem for that.
anybody can help?

What is the file name

the file name is
or, maybe it’s too big? about 10m. but it’s ok to upload to assets.

You are uploading sdk i think, which is not supported

i just want it be packaged like other assets.

Why You Want it in app!!
just upload it in cloud like Cloudinary

So that if you want to update the file you can update it easily without recompiling your app!!

As Your need I tried to upload some files with random Extenions and here is the result!!


In .apk file

And you can also check via my apk :-
Download apk

##This means you have been doing something wrong

try again !!



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Yes, if the file is > 5 MB you have to use this method:

You are wrong I tried uploading file larger than 5mb

Just look my previous reply

No, see here:


As I said: > 5 MB:

Opps Sorry For my Mistake

Thanks friends.
I have changed my plan to upload the file to some file server first, and download it when needed.