Some images are not displayed in the forum with Firefox

Does anyone have any idea why some images are sometimes not displayed in Firefox (but they are in Chrome).

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I think Some Error in S3 Aws

Yes, I have to use Discourse Classic Theme to show all images, thanks.
Then I’d probably better say goodbye to Firefox. :upside_down_face: :man_shrugging:t2:

For my part not a chance, I rather participate less than changing browser…

So do we have to change the community theme?
I use Firefox.

Yes, I would have to do that so that all images are shown to me.
I took a look at the page source code of Firefox and Chrome (regarding the missing image): no differences. So I’ve no idea why that happens.

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Just switched to Discourse theme, it’s very old school form theme :grin:

But atleast better :shushing_face:

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