Some native components and external are not working properly

I was building my app when sudenly in the next day kodular updated to a new version. What happened is that some native components and some external are not working anymore (in companion) and I don’t know how to fix that. I’ve tried everything before come to community and nothing could solve my problem. I’ve tried to uninstall and install again my companion app, tried to build another project with another account but nothing solved…
Note: looks like when I run on APK mode it runs fine
Another note: my external component is TaifunSqlite

Captura de tela 2021-10-05 095651

Captura de tela 2021-10-05 095711

Captura de tela 2021-10-05 095745

Do you use latest companion version 1.5.3 Fenix ?

Yeah I’m using 1.5.3 Fenix version

I’ve found a way to download the 1.5.1 Fenix version and my application came back to work fine, solved.

Concerning the sqlite extension and how to use it in Kodular together with the companion app see Q11 here App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps


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