Some tutorial to use the new component "Google Play Games"

Some tutorial to use the new component “Google Play Games”

I still don’t understand very well how to use it


Yes we need tutorial.I tried it but its not work.Maybe i miss somethink .We need tutorial

I successfully find way, here my blog post


hi, there is some problems with your post. Some images are not loading.

no, I was taking about his blog where he show us the tutorial, which he mentioned in that link

Check this, there is problem with images i try fix it

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do I need to pay

No i don’t think so

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did you check cause when I tried entering google play dev console I tried making an account it said 25$ fee

You have to pay $25 registration fee to create new Google Console account.

and i do not have an account so i need to pay

Yes, everyone who wants to use the Google Play Console has to pay the equivalent of $25 plus any cross-border transaction currency fee.