Something Strange with Image Picker

When I select an image from the imagepicker, it gets rotated and shown in landscape.

If I take a photo the image is rotated and shown in landscape.

I have tried to for the width and height of the image blocks, but that does not help. For some reason it is rotating the images -90 degrees both in image picker mode and in Camera mode.

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Depending on the device it will appear differently, you can use Taifun’s Image Extension to check whether the image is in landscape or not and rotate it if necessary


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This is just starting like this

I have used this device for months. BAM!!! So strange

Hi friend, had could you solved that problem? i have the same problem, when i take a picture it turns 90º to left, and when i select with image picker it turns 90º to right, thanks

Have anyone gotten the solution for this, am facing the same problem

some device manufacturers (especially Samsung) do not follow the conventions…
therefore the solution is what @Boban mentioned earlier


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