Sorry app is deleted

Sorry i removed application


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Why I Cant I Have Rights Its My App, It have got 400+ download and its so much for me and i am doing hardwork for it to get many downloads possible

Well you cannot show false information bro as @kimyunz01 said if you provided such information in the privacy policy then if someone reports or complaints your app can be suspended in no time.

ex. This app is owned by Twistar Company and all the rights are reserved to us.
What if such company does not exist.
Sorry i am not very good at writing privacy policy

Thats why its best to put your developer name.

No It’s Just Outside of app
And Why I can’t say it in outside if it’s made by me
He can’t report me
It is on just social media
But in app it is on proper way

But the question has not ended yet…
Is your Developer Name registered?
Have you trademarked it?

No I have Not Trademarked it yet
I don’t even have a bit to invest
But saving and will do soon
And privacy policy is normal