Sound1 not allowing me to set source. Only "none" seen

I took Sound1 into my app and I do have an mp3 file (2 mp3s) in my assets. It does not allow me to set the source to my sounds. I deleted and added the components and the files. I refreshed it as well. But it does not allow me to set source.

Please provide more infos:

  • show related blocks
  • what Android version?
  • did you try to load the sound with blocks ?
  • Normally the right answer to your question would be the link to “How to ask a question”
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I did not use any blocks

I am talking about :arrow_down:. So I think it is not needed

I did not try that because :arrow_down:

You are correct. Sorry

You can also set the soundfile in the screen intitialize block.
Did you try the player component instead of the sound component (This is just for short soundfiles) ? I didn’t know that the sound component is cappable of playing mp4 files. Maybe use mp3 or wav .

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My files are 3 mins long. Is it possible to use the player component

Why don’t you try it yourself?

I was just asking if you know.

The source is showing “none” even in the player component

I did a mistake. I meant mp3, not mp4.


ExoPlayer works for me. I got the idea from your post about it.

Thanks a lot!

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