Spell Check api

Hi, I want to add a spelling error facility to my app, in my app (I built a personal assistant application) Anyone can add a question (with an answer) so there are a lot of people who add questions that have spelling errors. Is there any way to fix these spelling errors with api or extension? (I want to offer the user the option to correct their spelling and not replace it automatically)


Try this api…

Thanks, but there is not the language I most need

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Can you please tell us the language you want…

I mostly need the Hebrew language

Rather than allowing everything from what users type to save to db, you can save their inputs as awaiting approval and then you can review the new entries using the admin dashboard or something. From there you can correct if anything is wrong or simply approve if everything looks good.

Every few minutes a new question is added by some user (from multiple languages), it will be difficult to check and confirm so many questions.


It does not work and do not have API

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