Spinner - Selection disappears when you change the elements? Bug?

Is this fix ready for the next release? I didn’t find in @Diego 's Bug Tracker thread.

That’s a great question, it’s still bugged for me.

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@Diego, can you answer if this error has already been fixed?

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This error that was described in this tropic still persists when compiling the apk:

Kodular Staff, do we have any solution for this?

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@Hossein @Diego @Peter Do we have any solutions or predictions to fix this error?

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Please be patient. Developers have also lives apart from developing Kodular.

Tracking here


Thank you Hossein!

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No solution so far … :pensive:

Some updates have been done locally. Need to have enough updates for each release

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I was able to get around this by changing the app theme to Light. so that it defaulted to black text.


I still have patience …

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With all due respect: is this correction so difficult to carry out effectively? We have been waiting for this correction since October! I love Kodular and I am grateful to everyone who strives to make this work free for everyone, but I’m sorry, I don’t think this is so difficult to fix.

This problem is considered as a solution on github. When will an upgrade be launched?
@Kodular Please!!!

This bug not solved this time. I face this One now. @Kodular

Simplest solution is that use any arrangement and set the background color to darker color like dark grey or black and then set the spinner inside that arrangement. and set
spinner Item Background Color
to white #FFFFFFFF
Item Text Color
to black #000000FF
Spinner Color
to white #FFFFFFFF

and your problem is solved it as easy as that.