Split saved data between multiple screens

Hi, I have a question to ask:
Whenever I create an app with Kodular and the like that requires to save data, it’s always a mess for me since the DBs of two different screens are not connected. Is there a way to link them or at least use anything else specifically for TinyDB to do that?

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With TinyDB you do that. The stored data can be shared in any screen your app has.


And it’s saved, even if you close the application :slight_smile:


youz can store a global variable as a tag in TinyDB on one screen, and on a other screen you load the tinydb back into a global variable. Or you work with open a other screen with start value.

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Thank for your concern, actually i got same problem, bur this time i am using airtable as my DB…please help me with this…how to link stored DB in multiple screen…please explain…if anything helpful…